Guess what? I don't have all the answers.

Know something else? I don't have all the ideas either.

This section will exist for me (and others) to provide ideas. It's designed to get people to THINK. That's not too much to ask is it?

If you have an idea feel free to email me at westwinds@btinternet.com

We'll kick off with a superb idea by my Koenig Fettkopf. Well we will once we've aired his fantastic comment to someone's point that "our forefathers gave everything" for the right to vote.

Koenig's response? "I can guarantee that my warrior elders did not fight and die to perpetuate elitism".

What can I add to that? NAIL. HEAD.

Right. Here's Koenig's idea . . .

The date for the 2015 General Election has been set for May 7. So you've got plenty of time to plan what we'd like you to do. It's very simple and you'll enjoy it.

If you work, book a day off. If you don't work, no worries you've already got a head start.

Come polling day all you have to do is something that gives you pleasure. That's it.

Take the dog for a walk, go to the park or the beach. Visit a friend you haven't see for ages. Spend the day in the pub and get pissed. It's down to you. Just have a day that we'll call a FUNDAY.

What better way of sticking fingers up at the elitist apologists for democracy who scrabble for out votes every election?

They don't get your vote, you show them utter contempt, the system doesn't get the support it needs to exist and you have a nice day.


* Thanks to Koenig Fettkopf. 


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