Sunday, 16 February 2014



It's now more than 25 years since I voted in any sort of election and I've spent the past ten years actively campaigning to get people to follow suit.

You may have been told otherwise but voting is not actively taking part in democracy. It is actively taking part in an elaborate con trick. It's stupid and I know I can convince you that I'm right.

My politics can best be described as compassionate socialism. My leanings have always been left of centre. So, living in Hartlepool - a Labour stronghold in the North East of England - I should have been a happy bunny. Not a bit of it. I've always had a deep-seated mistrust of politicians and when, in 1991, Labour parachuted a smarmy, middle class spin doctor into constituency, I really began to think about how voting and democracy actually works.

That man was Peter Mandelson and his arrival in my home town not only changed my views of politics, democracy and voting, it changed the entire course of my life. But all that is for another day.

So, why was Mandelson handed the safe Labour seat of Hartlepool to fight in the 1992 election? Well, it certainly wasn't for his strong Northern roots or his working class background. Both were non-existent. And it wasn't because of any political achievements. It was a reward for favours done and favours expected.

When Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Stephen Byers, Alan Milburn, Mandelson and others plotted to hijack an ailing Labour Party, they weren't doing it for the good of the nation, the good of democracy or the good of the Labour Party. They were doing it for the good of themselves. Just like the Great Train Robbers divided up the spoils of their haul, so the architects of New Labour did for many years to come. Instead of getting a few mail sacks full of £20 notes, Mandy got the safe seat of Hartlepool as a launch pad to becoming a multi-millionaire Bilderberger and political power broker.

But don't think this scam is unique to New Labour. Far from it. The Tories do precisely the same; as do all political parties. It's the same grace and favour system operated by Royalty and rich landowners for generations.

But here's the rub. This is the bit where hopefully you wake up. They can only get away with it if
you go out and vote. They are desperate for your vote. They will do anything and say anything to get your vote. Without your vote they are finished. It has nothing to do with democracy or policies or principles. It's all about power and control.

Don't believe me? OK try this. At the last election the parties spent more than £30 million trying to get your vote. The Tories spent more than half the total amount. Do you honestly think they spend these vast sums of money to benefit democracy? Give your head a shake. They do it for power. Agreed?

So why do they want power? For power's sake. OK I'll give you that, they're a bunch of power mad psychopaths. So how about thinking further. Where did that £15 million that the Tories spent come from?

Yep, we're getting there. It came from wealthy bankers, hedge fund managers, businessmen etc. Now why do you suppose these people tip up these vast sums of money? For democracy? To support their chosen party? If you think that you are truly delusional. They do it for what they will get later down the line.

How many times have we seen party donors later rewarded with knighthoods, MBEs, seats on the Lords? That's EXACTLY how it works.


No matter what colour the government they are controlled by the same few banking families (mainly Zionists) that control every corporation on the planet.

So don't kid yourself that voting is upholding some sort of valuable democratic principle that your forefathers fought for. That's more of the propaganda they pump out to get your vote. They get you with the guilt trip.

And while we are on, don't fall for this current trendy nonsense propagated by people who like to belong in a gang that suggests spoiling your ballot paper or writing 'none of the above' is a solution. It isn't. The powerful elite don't give a shit what you write on the ballot paper as long as you go into that polling station.

Hell, they don't even give a damn who you vote for and here's why: the very same people who bankroll the Tories are the same people who bankroll Labour and the Lib Dems. It's just channelled through in different ways.

Here's the absolute truth. 99% of politicians are in it for themselves. They don't give a shit about you or me. They don't really care about the policies of their parties either. They just want to sip from the golden cup that has been thrust into their hands by their backers.

Further down the line, favours will be called in. Debts must be paid and governments will do exactly what their masters tell them to do.

You may think you are voting for a candidate or a party. You're not. By walking into that polling booth you are voting for a system that is enslaving the world. By voting you are giving a mandate to rich, powerful people you will never see or hear, to rape and pillage the world and destroy mankind.

Think that's far-fetched? Well carry on voting. See where it gets you. Slavery beckons. 


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  1. Ideally 'none of the above' added to the ballot paper, but that will never happen of course. Harry's right, spoiling your paper will do no good whatsoever.

  2. Spoiling a ballot paper with "None of the Above" is the only fun I get these days.

  3. As a long time anarchist I agree with every word you have written, but the solution can never come from mankind, we are inherently corrupt. The answer lies in following Our Lord Jesus Christ, only through Him can we be freed of the oppressive greed that has enslaved us all. If like many I have encountered on the left, you are an atheist then I pity you, for you have no sword with which to fight this horrendous evil that calls itself capitalism. Those at the top of the evil power structure are Godless atheists and you cannot fight them if you are as Godless as they are.
    My eternal praise to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

  4. Just a point: The parties don't promote deomcracy, democracy is a system, not a political view. It's like me standing for a school rep candidate, I do all I can to get a vote, doesn't mean it's not democracy. People have the choice, that's the point... It's not about them supporting democracy or not, it's about me having a choice to put the X next to them. There's independants and other parties out there who have different political leanings. It's not only Tory, Labour or Lib Dem on the sheet, it wasn't when I last looked anyway.

  5. All well and good but how can that change anything. If those who oppose the system don't vote and those who approve of the system do then the system will be perpetuated . What is required is a new socialist party which we can vote for but as we are a minority this new party will never accede to power.
    In the meantime vote Labour as they are the lesser of the two evils.